TIMEC has a very low block time compared to other currencies with a 10 second block time, this combined with a minimum of 6 confirmations allows for fast transactions between wallets.


TIMEC implements PoW with Masternodes to secure and provide a stable network. TIMEC is based on the skein algorithm which is ASIC resistant and GPU friendly

Community focused

We listen to our community and strive to grow to become a widely adopted currency for inter-exchange transactions. Join us on discord or any of our other social media!


2018 Q1

  • Release TIMEC
  • Linux and Windows wallets
  • Masternodes
  • Exchanges listing
  • List on masternode lists

2018 Q2

  • Web wallet
  • Campaigns
  • Marketing strategy
  • More exchanges

2018 Q3

  • Start PoS implementation
  • More coming soon


Download from our GitHub